Analytics for Retail Banks

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Overview Data analytics are driving retail banking worldwide. Modern banks believe that data analytics can be game changers to forester …


Data analytics are driving retail banking worldwide. Modern banks believe that data analytics can be game changers to forester competitive advantage. Undoubtedly, data analytics managers and professionals will be the backbone of any futuristic bank to convince customers to use their services. Understanding analytics for retail banks can make a difference by dropping banks’ costs tremendously to build higher revenues. 

The game is simple! If you can master different data analytics software and concepts behinds successful data analysis, you can build a powerful career in the banking industry. This is where this course comes as your partner to guide you about analytics lifecycle and data trends to understand consumers’ lifecycle. If you are looking to hold a position of a top banking executive, then this course by Edureka will ensure your career progression amidst stiff competition. We encourage you to take a ride into Analytics for Retail Banks course and boost data management skills. 

When fully explored, this course will solidify your key concepts with easy modules and exercises. This course will teach you a range of things such as upwelling and cross-selling in retail banks. The Analytics for Retail Banks course will steer you in the right direction to open new doors in the banking industry. 

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The course will be directly delivered to you, and you have 12 months of access to the online learning platform from the date you joined the course. The course is self-paced, and you can complete it in stages, revisiting the lessons at any time. 

This course is recommended for:  

  • Analytics Professionals
  • Data Analysts
  • Analytics Managers
  • Senior Managers at retail banks
  • Aspiring professionals aiming to join banks
  • Data-driven marketing experts
  • Learners should have a basic know-how of English, ICT, and numeracy. 
  • Anyone above 16 years with a sound educational background can take this course. 

Upon the successful completion of the course, you will be awarded the Certificate in Analytics for Retail Banks by Edureka.

Edureka is the fastest-growing online learning platform with a trusted name in the industry. The platform has the highest course completion rate and turns beliefs into realities by ridiculously committing to their students. Edureka collaborates with Study365 and many other educational bodies to provide guaranteed learning and success to global students & professionals.

The method of assessment includes learners completing an assignment. After completing the Analytics for Retail Banks, the learners will demonstrate their skills and concepts related to this particular subject. If you can apply them in the real world, you are well-prepared to earn a certification. 

Analytics for Retail Banks certification from Edureka will enhance your status for getting several jobs required in data analytics departments. Moreover, you can study further advanced courses in the same domain to boost your academic expertise in data-driven marketing. These skills will have recognition worldwide to help you land well-paying jobs in many retail banks.

Here are a few job titles you can compete and search for in the industry. The average salary per annum in the UK according to is higher than many other professions: 

  • Analytics Manager - £75,000 (Approximately)
  • Data Analyst - £55,000 (Approximately)
  • Senior Manager - £237,500 (Approximately)

Course Curriculum

1. Analytics Scope at a Retail Bank
Analytics Objectives
Analytics Data Stack
Analytics Lifecycle
Analytics Process Cycles
Analytics Algorithms Stack
Data Visualization
Context Awareness
Analytics Best Practices
CRISP-DM Methodology
2. Marketing Challenges across the Retail Banking Customer Lifecycle
Retail Banking Objectives
Customer Lifecycle
Analytics Applications Across the Customer Lifecycle
Analytics Objectives and Trade-offs
Segment Marketing
Partner Agencies
ROI Models
3. Data Related Infrastructure at a Retail Bank
Challenges of Big Data
Different Types of Data
Data Life Cycle Logical Data Models
Data Cleansing
Unstructured Data Processing
Single View of the Customer
Single Row Per Customer
Platform Components Required to Process Data
Requisite Processes
4. Channel Implications on Data Driven Marketing at Retail Banks
Channel Purposes
Types of Channels
Channel Throughput
Channel Infrastructure
Campaign Execution Challenges
Omni-channel Perspective
Use of Social Media Channels
5. Data-Driven Customer Acquisition at Retail Banks
Analytics Capabilities for Prospect Analytics
Response Models
Activation Strategies
Digital Activation Best and Worst Practices
6. Data Driven Usage Management at Retail Banks
Analytics Capabilities Required
Sample Usage Increase Programs
Offer Glut
Offer Fulfillment and Tracking
7. Data Driven Customer Experience Management at Retail Banks
Customer Journey and Analytics
Customer Experience Processes
Customer Trust Principles
Analytics Capabilities Required for Customer Experience
Analytics Capabilities Required for Customer Satisfaction
Analytics for the End Customer
Personal Financial Management
Technology Shifts
Design Thinking
Testing Options
Digital Customer Experience Sensors and Actuators
8. Data Driven Upselling and Cross Selling at Retail Banks
Upselling and Cross Selling Processes
Tactics to Increase Customer Penetration
“Incoming Call is Your Best Bet”
Next Best Offer Analytics
Case Study: Card Upgrade Program
Case Study: Cross Selling Credit Cards to Savings Accounts
Case Study: Cross Selling Mutual Funds to Savings Account Customers
Cross Sell between Corporate and Individual Accounts
Bancassurance Approaches
9. Data Driven Retention and Loyalty Management at Retail Banks
Retention and Loyalty Processes
Factors Affecting
Customer Loyalty
Analytics Capability for Loyalty Analytics
Attrition Types and Retention Strategies
Case Study: Attrition Model
Advocacy Analytics
Social Media Marketing
10. Practical Implementation Challenges for the Data-Driven Market
Mckinsey Core Beliefs on Big Data
Data Privacy
IT Principles for Digital Banking
Architecture Blocks for Digital Banking
“Know Your Business”
Data Preparation Groundwork
“Analytics Is More Art than Science”
Common Improvement Areas at Banks

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    C D

    Cameron Dixon

    July 20, 2021
    Analytical course

    The course teaches you all that you need to learn about analytics analytically.

    J B

    Jamie Berry

    March 16, 2021
    Well defined

    Nicely structured and well defined.

    B C

    Bret Cox

    February 11, 2021
    Easy to understand

    The course was very easy to understand and now I am much confident in my analytical skills.

    J B

    Jordan Baxter

    January 09, 2021
    An invaluable source of information

    The course turned out to be an invaluable source of information that helped me understand the nitty-gritty of analytics.

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