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Alan Turing and his Contemporaries 2012 – Printed Version


Building the world’s first computers

Contributions by Chris BurtonMartin Campbell-KellyRoger JohnsonSimon Lavington Edited by Simon Lavington

Dimensions: 246x189mm

Publication date: 11 Feb 2012

ISBN: 9781906124908


Secret wartime projects in code-breaking, radar and ballistics produced a wealth of ideas and technologies that kick-started the development of digital computers. Alan Turing took an early lead on the theory side, along with fellow mathematicians on both sides of the Atlantic. This is the story of the people and projects that flourished in the post-war period. By 1955 the computers produced by companies such as Ferranti, English Electric, Elliott Brothers and the British Tabulating Machine Co. had begun to appear in the market-place. The Information Age was dawning. Before the market passed to the Americans, for a brief period Alan Turing and his contemporaries held centre stage. Their influence is still discernable deep down within today’s hardware and software.


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