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Cybersecurity ABCs 2021 – Ebook Version


Delivering awareness, behaviours and culture change

By (author) Jessica BarkerAdrian DavisBruce HallasCiarán Mc Mahon

Publication date: 15 Feb 2021

ISBN: 9781780174266


Cybersecurity issues, problems and incidents don’t always relate to technological faults. Many can be avoided or mitigated through improved cybersecurity awareness (A), behaviour (B) and culture change (C). These ABCs are key components of the overall security maturity of an organisation. This book is a practical guide to the Cybersecurity ABCs, for business and IT leaders looking to enhance security culture in their organisations by improving understanding and practice of cybersecurity at an individual level. Crucial awareness, behaviour and culture concepts are covered from the ground up alongside practical tips and examples, providing a key resource for those looking to create lasting cybersecurity awareness, behavioural and culture change initiatives.


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